I have had many iPhones and currently have an iPad 6th generation and an iPhone XRMax. Both the iPhone and iPad redirects in the browser. I also have tried to buy software for security. The logs shows bootstrapping by unknown user with errors of remote access that is not allowed but an exception is made by something called BusyBox, which took over my network. It is has a log of ASL Module “com.apple.mobileme. fmf1.internal”sharing output parameters from ASL Module “com.apple.mobile.fmf1” override any specified in ASL Module “com.apple.mobile.fmf1.internal” claims selected messages. Those messages may not appear in standard system log files or in ASL database. localhost com.apple.xpc.launchd.domain.system: Service sets EnableTransactions=false and EnablePressureExit=true, which makes no sense. Enabling Transactions. —-Last message repeated 4 times. xpcproxy [84]: libcoreservices:_dirhelper_userdir: 523: bootstrap_look_up returned 268435459 (com.apple.imtranscoding.IMtranscoderagent):unknown key for integer: _DirtyJesamMemoryLimit

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