I just want to ask a question about deployment options for a small business site I'm building for a friend. I'm thinking a static site should get the job done. The site would just contain the home page with a gallery of images, some information and a few other pages etc.

Right now I have 2 options. The first is to use Wordpress through Bluehost. I understand its advantage is that you dont need any coding knowledge. The drawback is its hosting cost where its from $3 - $6 a month depending on the amount of years you're locked in.

The other option is to build the site from scratch with HTML/CSS and JS. This option is not accessible for those who dont know how to code but I'm fairly comfortable with coding so this will be fine. The other drawback is that my friend will find it hard to update stuff like images or text in future but I guess an email to me and I can do that for her real quick. The main advantage is that its free to host it through Github pages. The only cost will be the custom domain.

Does this about sum up my 2 available options?

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