I can install MSoffice word on my server and do this with COM. this is my Python code.

    word = win32com.Dispatch("Word.Application")
    worddoc = word.Documents.Open(doc_name, ReadOnly=1)
    worddoc.SaveAs(pdf_name, FileFormat=17)

But i see Considerations for server-side Automation of Office, said this is at low stability.

And I know the LibreOffice, but it's not reliable. Sometimes it is different from what I see in MSoffice.

I want to know the reliable solution that the pdf looks the same with MSoffice word and must convert at local. So maybe it must depend on MSoffice.

what i need is just as this, not complex automatic. Can I think this is stable? if not how can i make it stable? Or is there a good solution?

  1. Open a invisible word application
  2. Open a doc/docx file.
  3. Save as a pdf.

Sorry for my bad english. I am willing to provide any imformation If you need.Thank you.

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