I have more than one million http requests to do, and I want to use a high performance programing language to do it. I coded it using PHP, but the result was too bad. I should make cUrl requests with get method and check the response if true and the one of these million requests will response be true. What is the best programing language that can do it fast?

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    Practically any programming language that has executables will do. – Jan Doggen Jun 25 at 9:18
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    one million req per minute? By the way, best is relative. You should consider elaborating your user story. What do you do in those requests: database, calculation, something IO bound, or just static response? – ThomasEdwin Jun 26 at 14:47
  • Clarify that “one million” part. – Basil Bourque Jul 26 at 5:30

Cpp will be the best solution. You can try framework like cppweb or crow. Python has a new framework named Japronto, it's screaming-fast, scalable, asynchronous.

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