I am building an online tutoring platform like Chegg Tutors / Tutor.com. The platform is a two-sided marketplace with Tutors on Supplier side and Students on customer side. The basic capabilities that I need on the website are as follows: 1. Register students and tutors by allowing them to make user accounts. 2. Enable tutors to list their subjects and allow the students to filter out the tutors based on the subjects and sort the tutors based on ratings, lessons, etc. 3. Allow the students to post their queries and notify the tutors when a student posts an opportunity. 4. Enable live lesson through audio/video/text and passive lessons wherein tutors submit the answers to assignment queries. 5. Integrate with payment providers like Paypal and credit cards to facilitate payments.

I need help with figuring out which technology to be used to build this web application. Do we have some pre-existing plug-ins which can be directly used to perform the mentioned tasks. Any suggestions wull be highly appreciated. Thanks!

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