Quick description:
The goal is to create website that would quickly answer most popular law-related questions. User would go to the page, type in a question and receive an answer with legal argumentation. All answers would be pre-entered by a team of lawyers, no user interaction will be required.


  • possibility to search a question in a database (many possible ways of asking about the same thing!)
  • possibility to easily edit questions and answers by system administrator
  • visually simple and readable design
  • every question should have two 'text sections' assigned: legal explanation, and code paragraphs to justify it.
  • no user input

what software / technology should be used to implement the search bar?


What about StackExchange? Do you know there's a StackExchange site for Law questions? Here:


  • This is a clearly technical question and not a law-based question. It's good to know though... – someUser1605 Jun 25 at 7:44

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