I am creating a DIY system that uses various USB devices/sensors. Is there some software or hardware that is capable of recording the signal that is sent to the computer by the USB device so that I can emulate/re-send that exact same signal at a later time?

(Edited the question to to focus on the actual question I want answered.)

  • If it’s a DIY system, then add it into your own code. At the point where you receive USB input in real life, add two options, one to save it to a file & one to use that file for input, instead of real USB devices. Read up on Handed Abstraction. It should be fairly trivial to implement. Great question, btw. – Mawg Jun 25 at 11:59
  • Hi, thanks for your suggestion, but that doesn't answer the question I'm asking. I just want to know if there is a way to record USB data coming into my computer so I can re-send the same data to my computer later. – koci Jun 25 at 13:11
  • Yes, I realize that - and I marked your question as a favourite, because I would be very interbred if such a thing exists. Just by coincidence, I was chatting over lunch abut PCOs - Poin of Control and observation (see this ---> – Mawg Jun 25 at 14:50
  • and this and this. I think you will end up adding them at your Abstraction Layer -> – Mawg Jun 25 at 14:52
  • -> but that will give you more control, if you ever do want more than just feedback. It also lets you generate input from other programs, rather than just record/playback, although that is a good first step, if it exists. A great question ! – Mawg Jun 25 at 14:53

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