iMac 21.5",Late 2015 / 2.8GHz Intel Core i5 / 16GB Ram / macOS Sierra 10.12.6 / Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome

I am NOT a programmer (took a couple of programming courses in college decades ago) but reasonably intelligent and technically inclined (EE degree), 67 yrs old.

I don't even know if I belong here. But I have an EXTRAORDINARY need. I created a closed Facebook group for my wife 6 years ago after she was diagnosed with a very rare form of dementia that should have taken her life in a year or so. She has beaten the odds by a wide margin, and we still have her and take care of her. She is completely helpless. The Facebook group, "Julie's Journey", is my way of keeping family and friends updated on her status, as well as posting a large number of profoundly passionate posts about my experience as her caregiver.

I need to download the contents of the Facebook group to preserve it for my kids and grandkids! But Facebook does not have a "vehicle" or means to do so.

I found only 1 article in a google search on the subject, and it mentioned "python" which I have no earthly idea what it is. One person responded with what appeared to be a routine possibly related to what I want to accomplish, but I wouldn't know what to do with it.

Please... If someone could help me... some type of software? guidance on what to do with it? help if a program or routine has to be written? I would be willing to consider paying for such a program, as long as I would be reasonably assured it would work.

Thank you...

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