I have a lot of videos taken on my phone that are mostly useless, but have priceless portions.
For example a 5 minute video that has my child doing something cute for 20 seconds near the end.
I'd like something that can trim/cut that 5 minute video down to the 30 seconds I'd like to keep.

I don't need a lot of cool stuff, but simple transitions would be nice.

I'm looking for software that would:

  1. Run on Windows 10

  2. Show the video and allow me to mark the start and end points to keep as a new file.

  3. Produces a new file which is a chunk of video between start and end time

Required features:

  • Supports Windows 10+
  • Prefer GUI, but I can deal with command line interface (if I have to)
  • Gratis, or very cheap (under $5-$10 USD)
  • As input, supports Windows Phone 8 videos (mp4 I think)

Desired optional features

  • Multiple start/end time pairs; stitching together several chunks of the file specified by those pairs.

  • The ability to write on the screen (date, background info, etc. Simple stuff I think the child would want to see when I'm gone)

Things I don't care about

  • Format of the output video, as long as it's something Windows 10+ can play.
    Does NOT have to be same format as input video file.

  • Any reasonable dependencies are OK. E.g. "need to have PowerShell" is fine.

Things not acceptable

  • Installs other software

  • Communicates any info to the cloud about me, my computer, or the videos.
    Example: kapwing.com requires that I upload the video, and I don't want to lose control of my videos.

  • I don't have Linux or a Mac.

Note related question Windows command line software to produce pieces of videos between start/end time is almost a good answer for me except that

  • I'd prefer a GUI and

  • I don't have anything that will play the movies which allows me to pick a precise start/end points.

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