I am searching for technology or library for a decentralized Database.

The Problem

Currently game developers are hosting their own masterservers to distribute server lists for community servers. A lot (when not most) games use a client-server model.

These masterservers are often under attack (for example Dos attacks).

My Research

I already searched for dezentralized DB-solutions and all solutions I found were blockchain based databases.

The blockchain has the problem/feature, that is saves the hole history of events, which would be useless in this case.

I found things like - BigChainDb https://www.bigchaindb.com/ , which uses blockchain - OrbitDb https://github.com/orbitdb/orbit-db , which uses IPFS(??)


Which framework should I use for this usecase and how could a possible implementation look like?

Does the Client and the Server (from the game) need the full decentralized database implementation?

And most importantly: Is it worth it?

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