Here's my problem. I got a music library of over 200GB. It currently resides on a single disk, and I am afraid of losing it along with a disk failure or a bad action of mine, because I have already lost it once by my own mistake and had to rebuild it from scratch.

What I want is a backup solution. I would like to back up the files on an external disk, or on a computer on the same network, and maybe I would wish to be able to sync the files with the cloud, if I buy a vps with enough storage at some point.

So the main functionality I want is backup, but I also want, each time I perform a backup on my files, to have the differences between the last backup and the current files be computed automatically, because of course I will have added things, but I also rename files, change the folder structure, or re-download files of the same music piece, so that only the new stuff will get uploaded and the stuff that is not there deleted from the backup, hence the "sync" in the title. It is not necessary for the backup or sync to happen in real time with the changes. I do not need version control for this.

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