I want to teach kids the decoding of alien messages. To get an idea of what aliens could send us, I use the Arecibo message as a first starting point. So I'm trying to decode that message. Wikipedia has an audio version with DTMF for download. While it's unlikely that aliens will send properly formatted DTMF, let's still try to decode that first, as an exercise.

Of course I can use Audacity to have a look at the tones


and there will be a noticeable enough distinction between 0 and 1. But decoding more than 1500 of there is still error prone, so I want some software to do that for me.

Which software could open a WAV or OGG file and decode DTMF?

Windows is preferred, but I also have a Raspberry Pi, so Linux might be an option, too.

The output would likely be a text file with just the DTMF numbers or characters, I guess. Other data formats are fine, too, as long as they are common.

Not suitable:

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