I want to create an application for a school project. It would perform internet call to human users at no cost (so no telephony needed here). It would ask users questions and store the answers somewhere.

I am a python and windows user.

I could basically use something like skype, but it seems proprietary, so i can't access the voice transcript.

Basically, my application would do the below:

1) call a human on its smartphone (using eg, skype or linphone though Internet)

2) speak to the human "Hello, I am a bot"

3) the human would speak and the speech would be sent to the application

4) the app would transcript the speech into text.

5) the text would be sent to dialogflow and would return an oupput from the bot (this is the easy part)

6) the bot output would be sent back in the conversation

Is there online a software to build a free internet voicebot ? Even better, is there tutorials for such projects existing online ?

Many thanks in advance!

  • I am looking for a solution running the speech to text on my machine or a free solution in the cloud. – GuillaumeLabs Jun 19 '19 at 14:29

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