I am new to Artificial Intelligence, I have done basic study on Python, AI, ML, Tensorflow. I am trying to build a project which can reconcile any given 2 excel or csv files with any number of columns or rows. The reason I would prefer using AI is, basically I want the output of the reconciliation which can show the match prediction of the unmatched data and data analysis, something like below:

  1. Complete matched rows
  2. Partial matched rows, specifying the columns matched in the row.
  3. Unmatched rows and prediction of what makes them match.

Not required to be precise but something in percentage or some pivot table or charts etc.

So basically I am looking for some algorithm or some AI technique which can help me achieving the above.

Your inputs or suggestions to implement this or approach this is much appreciated.

Thanks & Regards, Krishna

  • we won't help for coding quesitons – onurcano Jun 18 at 13:59

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