I have been getting into writing graphics packages, and would like some ideas on development libraries.

I prefer to use Code::Blocks, but can setup an Eclipse environment if need be.

Most of the packages require the end user to install a bunch of third party stuff in the form of dll's, or maybe Python, or maybe .net.

I don't want any of that. I want all needed code packaged in a single exe file.

My experience, so far, has been using TKinter on Python (my first) and think I did pretty well with that.

Next, I have downloaded GTK+ and it requires several .dll's to be either in the same folder as the exe file, or incorporate them in the Windows System folder.

I also find any package will require I write using C++ rather then C, but that may be just my naivety.

Before I get too carried away learning a bunch of stuff I will probably not use, can someone recommend a package or 2 that can do the following:

Run under C (I never got comfortable with C++) Can put all overhead in it's own exe file. Can be compiled to run on both Windows (7) and Linux. (This is not a deal breaker).

Thanks for your help, Mark.

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