The main goal is to develop math learning website. We do have our own curriculum. We want to implement a system like Mobius Assessment (Maple TA). So Maple has its own math engine that let you create math sums and also solutions. Later you can publish those questions to the students so they can solve. Once they have solved, the system should also assess their assignments, midterms, quizzes and tests. Any suggestions? If there is a third party math engine (I don't know whether you call it an engine or not) let me know if we can put them in the server that can work behind the curtains. I looked over SageMath but they just have the console. You can install them but I don't know how to implement the functionalities within a website. If there is a way that we can create our own engine, please let me know. Also if you can provide me some insights on the best stack to use for this kind of website.

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    Most modern Learning Management Systems support "calculated questions" or "arithmetic question" types. Basically, give it a forumula for the answer, identify variables, determine possible values for the variables. Then the system generates random values for each student. – ivanivan Jun 17 at 15:18
  • @ivanivan can you give me some examples for modern LMS? – Parth Dubal Jun 17 at 15:27
  • Check out Canvas by Instructure (available hosted/SaaS or via AGPL) or Moodle (GPL) – ivanivan Jun 17 at 16:36

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