Just to provide a quick background, i don't have any knowledge about using php as a server-side script with react app on the front-end. I don't know what goes into installing and configuring php so that I can run it with React. For the information, I am also new to using react.js as a front end javascript library. Coming back to the point. I have a React app with the following directory structure

  • React App
  • -----------------> License
  • -----------------> node_modules - hundreds and thousands of folders in it
  • -----------------> package-lock.json
  • -----------------> package.json
  • -----------------> public
                            |  ----------------------> index.html
                            |  ---------------------->model_web
  • -------------------> src
                            |  ----------------------> index.js
                            |  ----------------------> style.css
  • -------------------> yarn.lock

In order to run this application, I go to the 'React App' directory and then do 'npm start' in terminal, which then starts from application on port 3000. Now i want to connect this application with php as a server-side script and mySQL for the database. Like I said, I have no idea on even how to start with php. Can anyone please tell me step-by-step, what I need to do to connect this to php? what i need? - any library?, any third-party tool? I have also tried some tutorials, but most of them don't even tell how to install php and hook it up with the react.js script? or some of them are very advance and require some pre-knowledge. Any help on this with beginner's approach, would be highly appreciated.

  • Just to provide more information, I want to handle the button clicks in php. Just button clicks bound to CRUD tasks, nothing special. – New User Jun 16 '19 at 20:14

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