I remember doing this a few years ago with hard coded PHP, but with all the frameworks/libraries available I wonder if there is something I can just install to connect React JS to my MySQL database?

If I make a PHP back-end from scratch, I feel like I'm basically going to be re-writing what I put in React JS, but in PHP.... Anything hot right now for this nice and easy?

  • for security reasons I wouldn't store sql statements, etc. in client side code. easy enough to configure a webserver to redirect all requests to a single script, and then break down request URL and any GET args to have it send whatever appropriate responses... – ivanivan Jun 17 at 2:21
  • @ivanivan thanks, just seems odd that there isn't a PHP framework simply for transferring the request over with some security features – Marshiewooooooo Jun 17 at 9:31

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