We have the transcript for millions of text files (range of a few terabytes). We want to make a statistic of what our users answered to a set of questions. We do not necessary look for natural language processing because we are looking for keywords after the question has been answered (regex).

Example of a question: Are you interested in this monthly subscription? Answer: No, not at this time.

From a simple research we found out that for this job Python, C or Java are better. The problem is that is difficult to find the talent and it is easier to use in house JavaScript developers.

We prefer to pay extra on Cloud (more processing power).

Can Node.js do the job?

What Node.js package do you recommend?

As an server, is it enough a1.4xlarge 16 (vCPUs) 32(GiB) from AWS? We only need to process the files when we desire.

Thank you!

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    Certainly possible but Python is indeed much better. It's easier to find a person able to solve such a problem with Python than with JavaScript. Also Python is very easy (much easier than JavaScript) to learn, any good JavaScript developer can learn it in a week. – Ivan Jun 15 '19 at 10:21
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    Thank you @Ivan – Cristian Ghinea Jun 15 '19 at 11:16

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