Are there any alternatives for Google Recaptcha V2 because Google Recaptcha V2 does not work well for Tor Browser users and blocks most of the users and prevents them from logging in?

Or are there any other ways on how we can provide Google recaptcha V2 for Tor browser users?

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  • What is your final goal? For instance, prevent spammers from reaching a web form? – Nicolas Raoul Jun 14 at 6:59
  • 1
    @NicolasRaoul, our goal in using Google recaptcha is to prevent spammers who try to load our server with automated requests. But this also blocks normal Tor browser users. – AJOY Jun 14 at 7:33
  • Thanks! What kind of volume is it usually? For instance, bad people spam a vote by sending 10 requests from the same machine? Or bad people just load the same static webpage 1.000.000 times to load your server's CPU or network? Please edit your question to add the information. – Nicolas Raoul Jun 14 at 7:42

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