On a cell phone (Android if it matters), when reading text of a news feed, I'd like to highlight and select one or a few words (so I can copy and paste it into another app or do a search, etc.). But when I press and hold on a word, the word is not highlighted and I'm given options: Open; Open in New tab; Save Link; Copy Link. Apparently the webpage hijacks the normal browser functions that would give me options such as "Copy" (meaning copy the highlighted text). This problem shows up in a web browser of various kinds or the Facebook app for Android. It's not a problem on a PC.

I've done this homework: After testing many browsers, I find that the old Opera Mini Version 14 (or older) does not have this problem when opening most pages. But beginning yesterday, a page such as http://m.facebook.com/cnn/ starts to report "Sorry, something went wrong. / We are working on it and we'll get it fixed as soon as we can." (The mobile browser redirects facebook.com to m.facebook.com; there's no way to avoid that.)

Any recommendation? Thanks.

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