I wanted to use Haskell with GHCJS, but sadly the game of Haskell-like languages which can compile to JS is quite weak. From what I tried, either I can't make it work (e.g. GHCJS requires Nix, IDEA plugin only supports Stack, not that it matters since I didn't manage to get Nix working [limited disk space in /]) or there is no IDEA support (e.g. PureScript - years dead unstable plugins).

Hard requirements:

  • stable (not necessarily feature-rich) IntelliJ IDEA plugin
  • transpiles to JavaScript
  • can be used to write back-end and front-end parts of web application (so has some libraries/frameworks supporting it)

Soft requirements ("nice to have", but I am starting think no such language exists):

  • good FP support, preferably pure
  • statically strongly typed
  • type inference (at least partial, e.g. what TypeScript or Scala has)
  • small JS overhead and reasonably fast (e.g. not a few megabytes of JS on top of hello world application or being >5x slower than commonly used FE frameworks like React or Angular)

Please, suggest even those not fitting soft requirements. Feel free to suggest unpopular languages, I am picking a language for a toy project and one purpose of this project is to try new things, learn new approaches. I would like to try/use something else than TypeScript which I write for a living...

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