The purpose, I'm doing some applications development and I'd like to accomplish the following: I need to run an application (lets call it exe2) on a second pc from another app on another device (lets call it exe1).

Current solution:

On device 1: I have an app that changes the value of an entry in a database table. exe1

On Device 2: Exe2, an application that is always on, checks a database every 3 seconds to see if the value of an entry has changed to one of a few options. if the option is run, it runs another app exe3, and continues to check the db every 3 seconds.

Main Problem:

To stay free, DynamoDB can only process so many of these requests at a time. If more than three devices are using this application, the users will see heavy delay between "start app calls", and "app start time".


to be able to cut out exe2, or adjust the way commands are sent and received to avoid DynamoDB all together if possible (if i can avoid useless DB checks I can avoid unnecessary DB costs.)

What I'd like is some sort of push notification system for pc. For example. When using mobile devices, if you have an app setup to receive push notification, while in app, those push notifications and be received and acted upon. Is there an equivalent system for pc?

If you have any recommendations as to a software solution, or work around. Let me know. Otherwise, I'll post back if i find a better solution.

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