I would like to create an application which has a video file input (for example mp4). The video content is a static picture (a bird'n nest). I would like to create a log message (timestamp) when anything happens on the video (The bird fly in/out the nest). I hope I have managed to explain my question well. Could you please advise me an existing application or a hint how to create a new one? I use c# since 2012, so it would be the best the .net/c#, but it would be great in any other programming language also. Thank you in advance!


The company I work for has a multimedia library that contains a motion detection filter.

You can use the filter either with pre-recorded video files like MP4, MPEG, AVI and others, or you can use it with live video capture using devices like webcams.

There’s a free evaluation edition you can try before deciding whether to buy the toolkit, which you can find here.

There’s a demo project that uses the filter in this forum post. Although the post is old and the project was built with Visual Studio 2008, the same C# code can be used with the latest version of LEADTOOLS and newer versions of Visual Studio. There’s also free technical support through email and chat if you need help with the toolkit while evaluating or after buying.

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