We're currently designing a videowall system for an oil refinery company, they have two LANs and the videowall controller is allowed to connect only to one of those, some video sources are connected to a different network so we have to use a workstation connected to that network to acces those sources while the video outputs of this workstation are going to be connected to the controller's capture cards.

This system is to be controlled from a meeting room, both the controller and workstation are going to be located at the same rack in a different room like 20m away, so to control these two systems (both running Windows 10) we are installing a USB over UTP extender from the meeting room's table to the rack and to this USB port on the table we're connecting USB Keyboard&Mouse, the problem is, i would like to use the same Keyboard&Mouse on the table to control both computers, i've found solutions such as remote desktop, VNC, KVM IP Swith, however all those have one thing in common, they require the server and client computers to be on the same network, and i'm not allowed to do that.

So, what i need recommendations for is a "Share your mouse" program such as Mouse Without Borders, Synergy, or Input Director, that could work over USB, SSH, Serial, etc. If there's any cabling required it won't be a problem since the two computers are at the same rack.

Thank you in advance,

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