I'd like to build a minimal, barebones device that uses "alert" data from either Gmaps or Waze.

The primary goals of this are:

  • Putput of "alerts" - traffic / speed cameras
  • Barebones, cut down OS, no other apps
  • Hard-installed, i.e plugged in and left running in car / on ignition

Ideally, I'd like to run this on something like the Pi Zero, but I see minimum spec for Things is Rpi3 - seems a bit overkill, but I can live with that.

Think of this as a "Waze / Gmaps box" - it doesn't need to do anything else, no screen, no UI, no apps - just output alerts from the data. Alternatively, think of it like a "RoadAngel", speaker, couple of LED's maybe.

I'm thinking Android Things would be the way to go, but was looking Android Automotive too, which again would seem a bit overkill, as it's never going to need to integrate with car hardware etc?

  • Access to data would be via BT from my phone or Wifi Direct. Could also get a GPS-hat for a sim for the device, once proof of concept confirmed. Will probably also need it's own GPS-hat etc. Config, settings, preference etc would be set at install / creation, so no UI needed. – cy80rg Jun 11 '19 at 8:19

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