I am integrating an event and ticket centric ecommerce solution to an existing PHP website with the added problem of needing to integrate a third party service which will store/serve tickets/bookings through an API.

The reason for the third party is that EPOS tickets need to be factored into stock/ticket availability which is the reason for a cart without relational products so the product listing can be populated by an API call.

There is not the budget to build an entire platform from scratch so it would be part bespoke and part out of box with a purpose built shop and listing pages that would pull tickets and available timeslots into a page and once a selection is made the "product" is added to the out of the box cart which can handle a dynamic entry using data pulled from the API alongside a unique ref for the ticket. From here it would work like a normal cart with the ability to add/remove products, change quantity and apply discount vouchers with the option of checking out and paying through paypal or stripe.

Furthermore, once the payment and the booking has been made, a final API post needs to be sent to the third party to finalise the booking so the purchase can be seen on the other EPOS devices. This would mean that there needs to be some sort of order hook that will allow this API post to be sent.

I'm not expecting anything that can do the whole job, I would like either a cart that covers what I have described or a ecommerce framework that can accomplish the task.

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