So I want to make an app with those features: - There will be Free and Pro user, so I need auth system - Images will be downloaded and stored on local device, and that is the only operation a user can do, so user will be able to read, but no create, no write, no delete - Images will be grouped according to some tags, so some data will be dowloaded as well with images in order to tag them, and even tags can change - Images may change: add, delete, update - Only changed images should be downloaded - Frequency of me changing images is like 1 image per day, so I don't need an overactive internet connection - size of an image is about 200 kb, and I have about 2000 so max 500 mb storage is fine for me

So I need an online storage software that keeps my images, lets the user downloads them without any problem, lets the user store them permanently on their local device, lets the user downloads new image, deletes old image, updates changed image, and there should be some data downloaded too in order to group them and search them on local device, and an auth system


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