The basic description for what I'm looking for is something that can extract text(written by hand) from an image and return it as a plain character stream, without any page processing.

More specifications:

  • I am using Java for the software I'm developing, so having a Java library would be nice, although if the software/library has a binary it's fine

  • The images it should be able to process are pictures of paper that has text on it written by hand, though what the software has to recognize is between 6 and 66 characters that will be written by hand, but more "computer recognizable", kinda like this: example text that needs to be recognized

  • The text must be extracted line by line; in the case of a table, it should just regard each row and column as another line, no special processing required

My own research pointed me to the following software/libraries:

  • Asprise Java OCR

  • Tesseract

  • ABBYY cloud OCR SDK

I've tested both tesseract and abbyy, and the result they provide is VERY FAR from what I expect: tesseract gave me an output of 200+ characters for the image I attached to this post and abbyy did not provide any characters, just some lines.

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