I am looking for a scheduling application that allows clients to both create appointments and book appointments. As an admin, I should be able to see which clients have created appointments and which clients have booked appointments.

There are two types of clients who I will call Client A and Client B. Client A is responsible for creating the appointment and providing the necessary scheduling information. Client B should be able to see the available appointments and sign up for a time.

I am looking for a solution that:

  • allows events to overlap
  • notifies all parties when an event has been booked
  • has a clean and interactive calendar UI

Other useful features would include:

  • clients being able to edit/cancel events themselves
  • sync with client's personal calendar

I have looked into Acuity Scheduling, Calendly, Schedule Once, and other scheduling applications. However, I do not believe any of these allow the client to create their own event times and allow a different client to sign up for them. To create an event, one of the clients must be a (paying) user.

I am open to any kind of recommendations(free or paid).

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