I'm on very congested network, both Wi-Fi and upstream - pretty much standard for any small hotel. When I connect to my remote PC I often experience still screens that never come to live again until I manually reconnect, outright disconnects or very unpredictable screen updates. (I've also seen similar symptoms on better link but much less often).

So far I tried following and all had problems listed above:

  1. Built-in Windows 10 RDP (pros: can set up to degrade quality, cons: have problems with 3D-accelerated software)
  2. TeamViewer
  3. Google RDP (pros: easy setup, cons: no way to reduce bandwidth)
  4. Remmina

I need a remote desktop solution for bad/congested connection that would:

  1. Handle 3D windowed software (native Windows RDP often makes those unable to start and though you can connect when program already running it also often turns its window into black screen)
  2. Reliably reconnect without additional input
  3. Detect stuck connection with zero incoming traffic and automatically reconnect
  4. Allow configuration to degrade quality to save bandwith (Google RDP can't do that)

Bonus points, but not strictly necessary:

  1. No central server (so not like TV or Google RDP)
  2. Ability to run concurrent user sessions in Windows - letting one user to work at physical keyboard/display uninterrupted, while connecting remotely as another

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