During a trade fair, 10 salespeople need to enter this data:

  • Companies (company name, email, contact person)
    • Shipping destinations (address, phone number)
      • Orders (barcode, number of units)

Each company can have several shipping destinations, each shipping destination can have several orders. Each order has exactly 1 shipping destination, each shipping destination has exactly 1 company.

Salespeople need to take order very fast, using a variety of Android and iOS devices. There is no Internet at the fair, so it must work offline.

Products on display all have a barcode, the app should be able to scan them. Ideally the app should show the product's human-friendly name and price, using a database locally placed on the device just before the fair.

The trade fair lasts for 3 days, at the end of the 3 days salespeople will send all of their orders/destinations/companies for processing (contacting the customer again, talking about payment and shipping). In the end, the data should be usable in Excel.

Ideally open source, but proprietary, including paid, is OK too.


Memento Database fits all of the requirements, allowing me to define entities that rely on other entities or on barcodes, but unfortunately it is not available for iOS.

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