Almost every time I browse the web I open huge number of tabs with intention to return to what I've opened later. Once in a couple of days I actually read some of the pages I've opened (and may actually happen to need to re-visit it again later), bookmark-and-close them all with the TidyTab extension (also used OneTab in the past) and start from scratch.

The standard browser history feature doesn't do the job because it accumulates a lot of junk including pages I have never been interested in re-visiting, search and other get queries, duplicates (a page I've visited 10 times during a day gets 10 instances in the list) etc.

The bookmarks are also not really convenient as I already have enormous quantity of them and new folders TidyTab creates every time go to the bottom rather than to the top.

Tabs also do bad because they consume resources and have unreadable titles when there are too many of them.

Is there a web browser or an extension which would provide history-centric rather than tab-centric surfing experience? E.g. just show the browsing history in a vertical panel near the page view area, sorting new entries above old, hiding duplicates occurring during the same day and letting you to blacklist urls (with patterns, regular expressions perhaps or something like that) from being accounted in history in 1-2 clicks?

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