I am searching a tool to help me to get "inbox zero" for my mails.

What I mean with inbox zero

With "inbox zero" I mean that I am able to handle all mails for one day.

I look at one single mail after the other. I don't look at several mails (subjects/senders) at once.

Looking at the mail I want to have these options:

  • archive it
  • delete it
  • reply or forward
  • resubmissing/snoozing (N days later).
  • attach a note (text) to the mail

After the decision was made the next mail gets shown.

Wanted features:

  • Re-submission of mails should be easy: +Nx (see below)
  • Connect to IMAP mail server (I use Dovecot)
  • Tool should be running on android and Ubuntu Linux
  • commercial services are ok. It should cost less than 10$ per month.
  • Keyboard only support: I want to be able to do the above options with the keyboard (archive, delete, reply, snooze (including timedelta)) ... if there is a desktop version of this tool.


Like gmail snooze feature: If you use this feature, the mail should be not visible in the inbox, except you search for mails.

+N spec

This is optional, but a simple way to specify a duration. Other ways to specify a duration are welcome.

+Nx spec: N is a number. And x can be "d" for "days", "w" for "weeks" and "m" for months. "d" is optional, since it is the default.

Example: +1 means: hide the message for today, show it again tomorrow. +31 means "hide this message 31 days". +12m means "hide this one year"

I explained what I mean with "n days later" here: https://github.com/guettli/n-days-later-method

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