The management team of the lending institution I work for are considering to change our current core banking software due to so many issues and limitations we have now. They asked me to look up for a robust platform which is not only the ideal answer for operational side, but also all other departments (Audit, HR, Logistics, Risk and etc.).

We want to run it on our on-premise data center, using DELL or HP Servers*.We should be able to run it on Windows Server 2012 or later, and it preferably uses Microsoft SQL Server as its database engine. Its main function should be borrower management (customers, loans, repayments, reports) while we also need our finance, audit, HR and logistics be able to use it for their own tasks. e.g. HR for employee and attendance management, logistics for registering assets and purchases. As for budget, we want something below $200K.

Is there anything like this out there in the market?

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