I'm working on a C++ project that takes 40 minutes to build. I'm not used to such long build times and I'm looking for ways of improving the compilation process.

One idea is to put header files that are often used but seldom changed into the precompiled header file (stdafx.h).

I can't judge which files could ideally go there. I'm neither very familiar with the code base to tell whether or not a file is used often, nor do I know how many times a file has been changed in the past.

So I'm interested in a tool that analyzes the source code as well as the version control system and makes suggestions for files that could benefit for precompiled headers.

Unfortunately, we use Microsoft Visual Source Safe (jeez!), so I'll probably not be able to test any of the suggestions. But since I'm interested in such a tool, you can make SVN or Git suggestions as well.

The rest is in the tags:

  • it should be free of cost
  • it should analyze Visual Studio projects

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