1) We are using Oracle IDM (Identity Management) solution for authentication (includes MFA), authorization, single-sign-on and self-service password reset (forgot password) needs.

2) Some of the identified problems: a) High cost to own and operate b) Difficult to maintain and/or enhance c) We pay for 100% of the software license but only use 30% of the solution. i.e our IDM solution is 30% oracle code and 70% homegrown code

3) Options in front of us:

i) Option 1:
Interim solution where we replace 30% oracle code with home grown code (i.e 100% home grown) i.e we get rid of oracle dependency completely. Followin which, as a long term solution, pick and choose IAM related service for each of the capability that we choose not to maintain in-house, anymore?

ii) Option 2: Buy another Vendor product like Okta, Ping identity and get rid of oracle IDM solution.

4) Questions:

i) Given above IAM (Identity and Access Management) needs of ours, any thoughts on 3.1 and 3.2? recommend one over the other and why?

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