I am looking for a simple tool that is able to visualize graphs (networks) presented as a simple weighted edge list:

Paris, Oslo, 0.25
Paris, New-York, 0.0001
New-York, Wasington, 0.1

Where do I get such a tool?

Target system is: Linux or online

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There are many options available but personally I would use Python 3, (probably already installed on your Linux system), and the NetworkX & matplotlib libraries. (Both should be installable with pip3 install -U NetworkX matplotlib.

There is a good example here.


The answer is in the question’s title:

Graph (network) vis ualization tool

You want GraphViz. I have been using it for decades now, and can highly recommend it. It is stable, well documented, and well supported (including 7,277 questions & answers on Stack Overflow). It takes plain text as input and generates diagrams, so your

Paris, Oslo, 0.25
Paris, New-York, 0.0001
New-York, Wasington, 0.1

could be easily manipulated to become input.

Perhaps the S.O question Graphviz, changing the size of edge will be poof help?

There is official GraphViz documentation for Node, Edge and Graph Attributes. The GraphViz Pocket Reference gives

Edge Attributes
• [label="Some Label"]Labels the Edge (Useful for Weights)
• [color="red"]Colors the Vertex (Useful for Paths)
• [penwidth=2.0]Adjusts the thickness of the edge line, Very useful for Paths

I will confess that I am not a “graph person”, and use it only for diagramming, but here is enough reference to graphs and GraphViz online that I am confident that it is what you are looking for. Please let me know whether I am right or wrong :-)


a clear into / tutorial, including weighting

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