I'm looking for a python engine that I can be used to run sophisticated system checks (checking installed software, version of a library, etc.). I'm looking for an engine with the following abilities:

  • Checks Bundles: Ability to bundle up checks, i.e. System Checks A, B and C should run sequentially part of a bundle.
  • Dependencies: Ability to specify dependencies between Checks and Bundles.
  • Multi-threaded Checks: this would be a plus.

There are few rule engines in python:

  • pyDatalog
  • Pyke
  • durable_rules
  • Intellect
  • business-rules
  • PyKnow

Maybe I can re-purpose one of them for this task. I am looking to see if there's any fit for purpose option that fits my needs, or a good recommendation from the above list.

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