I'm creating a product that requires customers to run code on their windows machine that:

  • Sends HTTPS requests to my external server
  • Communicates over HTTP with some third-party software that is running on the same machine. To communicate with this third-party software, the code would need access to credentials that they would be paranoid about being leaked to my server.

The conclusion I reached is that I would need to provide customers the source code (let me know if there's a better way). That way, they could verify that the code is doing what I say it is if they wanted to. However, that means the customer needs to set-up/run the server themselves, so ideally it is as easy to use as possible.

For example, I'm considering Python because the user experience is: - Download python - Click on a provided .py file to run the code or open it in a text editor to inspect it - The .py file opens a GUI using a native library like tkinter where the user can enter configuration and start/stop the server

Let me know if there are other languages/technologies that provide a better user (and developer) experience

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