My goal is to create a database that maps PGP keys to users for an internal security system. I would like to have two "tables" user info (UID, Name, Email, Title, Position) and PGP key info (Pub Key, Fingerprint, Revocation, Assigned UID), but I am open to a different implementation. I have the most experience with relational databases (MySQL) but I'm looking at non-relational DBs for their scalability. However, I need to be able to search the DB on multiple fields (Email, FP).


  • Fast read times
  • Scalable & Distributed
  • Commodity hardware
  • Fast replication across nodes (Consistency)
  • Security

Can Sacrifice On

  • Write Times
  • Entry Sizes

Could those with more experience developing DBs lend their advice on an appropriate system to use for this application?


  • please provide more detailed requirements - number of records in each table, what is "fast read" - 10ms, 100ms, etc. – Alex Ott Jun 2 at 9:44

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