I have a Raspberry Pi project where I'm using a JACK audio mixer to programmatically modulate sounds (using the newest Ubuntu 19.04 amd64 server image). I had assumed it would be easy to find an lightweight audio file player that can loop files during playback without gaps, but I discovered that mplayer, at least, does not, and aplay doesn't appear to be able to loop at all. I found other solutions, such as aqualung that work nicely but require a GUI (and thus X, and a desktop). Can anyone point me to a simple command-line audio player that does gapless playback, ideally with a JACK interface?


In the sndfile-tools package, there's a program called sndfile-jackplay that can play any of the libsndfile formats, loops, and interfaces with the JACK audio library. It's quite poorly documented, but is easy to use. I can verify that with Ubuntu 19.04, the playback loops without gaps (sample accurate).

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