I'm looking for a music player for iPhone.

It needs these properties:

  • Ability to browse the music as it exists in the file system, "by folder".

    Edit: It is also acceptable to just show all songs in an other way, just as long as it's uncategorized. The reason I wanted it by folder (and thereby filename) is that the songs don't have metadata but I could easily make the filename into the "song" tag.

  • It should have the ability to keep playing songs, without me having to click them again (so a file browser where I just tap the song I want to play isn't enough).

    Edit: Because of my changed first requirement, this is now probably true for any music player.

  • It shouldn't upload anything to the internet (not my songs for cloud storage, not my contact list or any other personal data for sale to companies).

Additionally, it would be good if:

  • It's free.
  • It works without first having to put the songs in iTunes.
  • I can transfer the songs from a Linux computer. (I am able to open the folder of a specific app and put files there so they're accessible to that app)

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