I need web framework for creating visualization of decision rules. This is project for my master thesis (only 4 months remains). My vision is:

Visitor uploads file with decision rules. Next he can explore some information of uploaded decision rules. I'd like to present information in: tables (sort, filter), graph (read only but interactive: zoom, choose, filter objects, color them...).

I am database programmer, so I am amateur in web programming. I've tried to learn spring but it seems to be rather complicated. I would like my software to be also easy to deploy and I'm afraid it will be difficult in spring framework (despite using Spring Boot).

Operating system: I use windows, but application should be accesible on every system.

Budget: it is master thesis, so I wouldn't like to invest.


  • interactive graphs,
  • efficient - deal with many nodes in graph (up to 20,000),
  • tables with filtering, sorting,
  • able to use parser of decision rules implemented in Java (jar library).

I think it will be necessary to store data in client's cache to be efficient enough. Maybe, it would be better to create it as a software application. But: Web application has some advantages: it can be run instantly by another scientists without downloading software and avoiding problems with configuration. I wonder if it would be good idea to present all things on one page (one URL) to be as interactive as possible.

What do you think about it? What web framework could you advice?

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