We have an application where the employees are assigned few tasks everyday. On completion of the every task, we are writing the task details to AWS DynamoDB. A sample record is: { "TaskId":"131231231231", #HashKey "EmployeeId": "A10DDD2BZ435LO", "TaskCompletionTime": "2019-04-19T11:43:12.441Z", "Status": "COMPLETE", "CreateTime": "2019-04-19T11:44:18.561Z", }

We have a new requirement wherein we need to provide real time metrics on Employee's tasks. The metrics are "Number of tasks completed by Employee daily, weekly and monthly".

I am looking to put the Task data into Elastic Search and run these queries for Number of tasks completed daily, weekly and monthly. Does Elast search solution fit my use case? Any other solutions i can use to achieve this?

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