I am making an VC++/C++ application in AIX7.1. Client system is made of VC++ and server is made of C++ and DB is Db2 v10.5. Compiler version is following: IBM XL C/C++ for AIX, V13.1.3 (5725-C72, 5765-J07) Version: 13.01.0003.0005

Server will upgrade to AIX7.2 soon.

I would like to detect memory leak of server application. I used to use Purify but Purify did not work properly because the application is too big.

Could you tell me the best software to detect memory leak?

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The most famous memory debugger is Valgrind. There's no official indication that Valgrind supports AIX, but there are various people talking about running it on AIX:

Another solution suggested by IBM is Debug malloc tool

See also

  • Thank you for your answer! If Valgrind supported AIX officially, I would use it. But I cannnot use it in case of no official support. And Debug malloc tool is too simple for me.
    – Amazonite
    Jun 3, 2019 at 4:38

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