I'm looking for a formbuilder creator made in Javascript that doesn't require React/Node.js to use it. Something like this: https://github.com/kevinchappell/formBuilder

but it uses react. There is a way to use it even without React? What I'm lookign for is a formbuilder that create a JSON schema and after that use that schema to let user submit that form.

I found AlpacaJS for form creation based on schema previusly created


Using the FormBuilder jquery plugin in this library:
in react (and a few other platforms), you can let admins visually create forms which result in JSON formatted schema that can be extracted using the onSave event:

$(this.fb.current).formBuilder({ formData,
  onSave:(event,form_schema)=> // save to server (form_schema)

example of form generation at:

and then use the FormRender plugin of the same library to render the form for end users using the generated form_schema:

$('form', $formContainer).formRender({
      formData: [  ... form_schema from server ]

example of form rendering at:

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