I need something like Cherrytree in a browser since the dev doesn't have a web version (may have abandoned dev on it) and I can't install CherryTree or browser extensions everywhere I need to work. Most cloud wiki apps require opening the page to edit first then use markup. I want this for rapid documentation/knowledge management purposes.

I hope to have a GDocs style image experience. I don't want to have to open a wysiwyg editor, carve out spots for 'drag and drop' or install any browser extensions just pure JS/HTML5/CSS. I can't seem to find the right library for this.

With a screenshot in my clipboard, here's what I hope to do:

  • paste image into page via browser
  • select and resize with handles
  • allow image to coexist with text on same page

...basically modeled after the GDocs image experience, I don't need all the other bells and whistles that GDocs has though.

Any ideas?

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