Can anyone recommend an Android SMS backup/export app with the following requirements:

  1. Runs on Android (any version)
  2. Gratis
  3. Exports SMS conversations to one or more plain text (txt) file(s). Not XML, not JSON, not HTML, not a proprietary format.
  4. Currently available on the Google Play store or F-Droid.

There used to be the SMS 2 Text app, but it no longer is available on the Google Play store or F-Droid.

I tried about 15 different SMS backup tools, and they either don't have plain text export, or did not work properly (one of them on the Google Play store couldn't even run without crashing).

The closest match I found was Backup SMS, but the output doesn't properly match the SMS messages.

  • If command-line from PC is acceptable, take a look at ANDROID-SMS. It's no longer maintained, though (even my PR was ignored back then)… – Izzy May 26 '19 at 22:16

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