Product Under development

So the product under development is a web application which will allow the user to do data transformation operations like string replacement , integer manipulation and join , select , group or sort and other machine learning operation on data sets. The data-sets are basically data frames from spark.

Main requirements of the software

The software is a GUI application which will be written in python and will have a graphical workflow management system which will allow the user to do data transformation by drag and dropping different operations mentioned above.

what will be the WMS?

WMS will have a graphical editor and drag and drop elements , user will drag and drop elements and will wire them together to make a workflow. Now user can make a workflow through this GUI editor or through a text editor where he can define workflows in some abstract data structure naming json or xml etc. For clarity check these WMS

Node Red Clowdflows

I am trying to implement the same functionality as these two above.

What I am looking for ?

I am looking for python fronted development framework which will be flexible enough to let me integrate a WMS into it using different workflow libraries

My Research so far

My research up till now have led me to multiple frameworks like airflow , oozie , azkaban, repoz workflows , django workflows but they do not allow me to create workflows through drag and drop GUI , what I want is a framework which gives me a library which create a graphical editor for me and drag and drop components and when I create a workflow through these components , automatically an xml or json is created representing these workflows.

The library I am looking for should be similar to storm react diagrams but unfortunately it is written in java script.

Front end python based framework is not that important as much as GUI workflows library is.

Any recommendations for frameworks and workflow libraries would be welcome.

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